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Michigan Medicaid Approved Doulas

Did you know that as of 1/1/23, Michigan Medicaid now covers doulas? It was a process but I’m officially an approved Michigan Medicaid Birth Doula covering Southwest Michigan! Why is that? Because research has shown time and time again that doulas help improve birth, birther's and baby's outcomes by providing emotional, informational and physical support during pregnancy, birth and early postpartum. The United States has one of the worse maternal and infant outcomes among developed countries. This is one of Michigan's way of addressing the maternal health crisis in the United States.

There wasn't really an active directory of Medicaid Doulas that you could filter so I made one!

Click below to find a doula in your county and accepts your Medicaid Insurance.

screenshot of the website directory of medicaid doulas

Do you want to help spread the word?

Download the image files to share on social media and/or download the PDF to print and share with your community. You can hang it up at your local Midwives/OB offices, WIC offices, libraries, and any other places you think would be helpful!

Are you a Michigan Doula wants to enroll in Medicaid?

The process can be intimating for doulas who have never navigated the insurance enrollment process. It's a complicated process so I made an online course that is a road map guide on how to go from taking a doula training to being able to accept Michigan Medicaid insurance as payment. If interested click on button below.

Are you a Michigan Doula who is now accepting Medicaid clients?

Contact me for a link to fill out the form to be added to the directory!

Download "Birth Preferences" PDF Freebie!