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Birth Support & Education Should be Accessible to All

I believe that every person who wants a doula should have one. Some doulas meet that need by offering their services at a steep discount or sliding scale but the problem is that I've seen doulas who do this get burned out because they don't have the financial support they need while doing "heart" work. I want to address this in a different way.

image of a white woman with blond hair looking at the camera smiling, she's sitting behind4 handmade birthy mugs

I decided to sell birthy mugs and other ceramics to help offset the cost of my doula & childbirth education services while making sure I still get paid a sustainable wage so that:

  • Families who can't afford my normal doula fee but would like to hire me
  • Families who wants a quality childbirth education class but can't afford the normal class fee
  • To bridge the gap of the reimbursement rates of Michigan Medicaid doula services to my normal rate so that I can still support that community in the long run

How does this work?

50% of every ceramic piece will go towards this fund. I'll keep this page updated on how much has been collected so far and how many families it has helped.

As of February 23, 2024, $1,498.00 raised so far!

Do you want to donate to the fund without buying a mug?

Aww! You're so sweet! Here's a link to my PayPal to donate there!

I went to the shop and there's nothing there...

Sorry! There's only one of me and I hand make each mug. It takes about 3-5 weeks to make one mug since there's a lot of steps for each stage - throwing, trimming the base, carving, adding a handle, first fire, glazing, final fire, pictures and then post on the website. If you want to be notified on when the next time shop is open click on the button below.

What sparked this idea?

In 2022, My husband started doing disc golf with a friend on an almost weekly basis. It was doing wonders for his mental health to do something outside of work, dad, husband and home life. I was getting jealous so I decided that I wanted a weekly hobby that would also take me out of the house. In the fall of 2022, I started taking ceramics classes at the Krasl Art Center in St. Joseph, MI. I've been hooked ever since. I thought "why not combine my passion for art and birth into one beautiful and functional ceramic piece?" I worked on my wheel throwing techniques and started experimenting with different variations of birthy mugs.

Download "Birth Preferences" PDF Freebie!