February 28, 2024

Let’s talk about the importance of tracking fetal movements! Kick counting matters! Research indicates that counting your baby’s kicks is an incredibly effective and free method to ensure their well-being in the womb. Here’s a step-by-step guide (You can start this in the third trimester):

  • Select a time when your baby is typically active, ideally at the same time daily.
  • Set a timer and note the duration it takes to feel 10 movements.
  • After each session, compare the time taken with previous recordings, utilizing either a notebook or the free pregnancy app from Count the Kicks.
  • If you observe any changes in the time it takes to reach 10 movements, promptly contact your healthcare provider.

Remember, if you notice any alterations in your baby’s movements, always seek advice immediately—no hesitation. And never leave until you feel assured!

In most cases getting your baby checked out means going to the hospital and going into triage to do a Non-stress test where they check your baby’s heart rates and your contractions pattern (even if not present) for a period of time to check on how baby is doing. If baby is doing fine, then they will send you home. If there is something off, then they may do further testing or admit you.

Understanding that stillbirth can occur in any pregnancy, regardless of risk level, empowers you to take action and advocate for your baby’s well-being.

Count the Kicks has a free app that you can download to track your baby’s movements everyday, they event have a paper chart you can print and use to track if you prefer to track it that way.

Always trust your instincts as a parent; you know your baby best! For ongoing support and information on monitoring fetal movements and preventing stillbirth, follow @countthekicksus on Instagram.

About the Author Kristen Schell

Kristen is a birth doula, photographer and childbirth educator. She wants to help families feel inspired by what birth can be. It can be beautiful, empowering, supported, and evidence based.

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