You are a badass warrior who brings forth life.

Yes, you.

You carried your baby for months wondering what their little toes look like, what their hair is going to be like, what eye color they’re going to have. All while dealing with the discomforts of pregnancy. NOW, one of the most important days of your life is about to happen. The day YOUR baby is born. You deserve to feel heard, supported and empowered to make informed decisions. You deserve to birth with confidence.

Heyo! I'm Kristen!

I’m an experienced birth photographer, doula and childbirth educator. I hold space for families as they experience growing pains and transform their lives to welcome a little one into their lives. I want families to feel heard, loved, and empowered about their birth experiences.

I’m a mother of two – I experienced both a hospital birth and home birth. I wish I liked coffee or tea but I don’t. I’m a weirdo. I know that and I love that about myself. I prefer sour candy like Sour Punch Straws (Blue Raspberry or Green Apple) over chocolate.

I'm the birth doula who takes photos!

I've supported many births as a doula and I want families to remember this special time in their lives. I want them remember "wow! I'm a total badass! I brought this baby into the world. And awww! My partner was so loving & helpful!" P.S. I've taken all of the photos on this website unless otherwise stated. 

What Clients Say

We finally went through the photos and omg you did such an amazing job!! The photos are so stunning and it was amazing to see all the events of the day! I was really opposed to the idea of birthing photography but I’m so so grateful [my partner] pushed for it. I’m even more grateful we were able to get you to capture these priceless moments! I remember bits and pieces of the day but I think you did such a fantastic job telling the story of Valeria’s birth

Jennifer K. Birth Photography Client

Kristen was amazing and made our birthing experience wonderful. She was my doula for the birth of my daughter. She was so helpful and empowering during the whole experience. I ended up needing to have an emergency C-Section and she advocated for my family’s needs during that time. Plus, we got amazing pictures right after my daughter was born. I highly encourage anyone who is looking for a doula to consider Kristen. 

Annamarie G. Birth Doula Client

I cannot say enough positive things about my experience with Kristen! Not only was she attentive, informative, and caring throughout all of the prenatal visits and the birth itself, I feel like she's also given me a feeling of empowerment to use my voice in medical situations that I was lacking. She helped me take a minute and think about decisions in a medical setting and it's a skill I'll carry for the rest of my life.

Margo R. Birth Doula Client

Latest Birth Stories

Explore what birth can look like in the hospital or at home - or scroll down to learn more about the offerings. Kristen travels throughout Southwest Michigan, Northwest Indiana and even Chicago for birth stories and doula support.

Baby’s first cry. The first glimpse of your baby.
Those moments are fleeting.
I’ll immortalize them so you can remember them forever.

Ways I can support you & your family...



Photography Sessions


Birth Preferences Sheet

An easy guide to help you figure out what you want for your birth and communicate it to your providers (OB, midwife, nurses). It's a PDF with checkboxes.