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You are beautiful. Yes, I know that you don’t feel like it. But you ARE.

Carrying a baby is HARD work! It’s also freaking amazing. It’s worth documenting this time in your life when you’re growing this baby. Show your kiddo know what you looked like when you carried them in your womb.

What should I expect?

We’ll chat and pick a location and date. Then I’ll meet you there and I’ll be documenting your joy (and silliness) with your bump and family with my camera. I might suggest a pose here and there but mostly, I document beautiful things as they happen. Then you’ll get photos to show off that pregnancy glow within 2 weeks.

When should I book?

I would book in the second or third trimester of your pregnancy. The photos are usually taken from 32-37 weeks pregnant. 


Do you want pictures of your baby bump taken? Let’s chat virtually to get to know each other  and talk about your vision before you decide to have me document this special stage of your life.

Download "Birth Preferences" PDF Freebie!