I'm a doula who guides doulas through the Michigan Medicaid enrollment process

It's a mess! I've been there! I took the roadtrip and took 383 wrong turns and had many flat tires. I  made a road map so that doulas after me can do it without as many wrong turns.

Let's do less throwing your computer out and more progress

Your wallet will thank you and you brain will too. 

What I do

I provide a Doulas Road Map for the Medicaid Enrollment Process

There's links galore and not really one centralized place where you can get all the information you need and the know how to enroll in the process. I will provide all the links and a way for you to track your process.

This matters because it can take weeks even months! It's like pregnancy, it looks like not much is happening but hang in there, there's a "baby" growing underneath the surface!

why I do it

I've been there

I was a part of the first round of doulas who enrolled in Medicaid - SIGMA, CHAMPS, and all the health plans in early 2023. It was a HOT mess. I remember being so frustrated at every dead end that I found. As soon as I figured out an answer, I had ANOTHER question. UGHHH. People came to me with questions, I don't know all of the answers but I do know more about the process than a lot of people.

I want to help Michigan families to get access to doula support. So to do that, I decided to make this mini course to make you less scream-and-pull-your-hair-out frustrated and more moving forward.

Yes, this is totally for you if...

✅You want a step by step guide of what to do to become an approved provider of Medicaid

✅You want to start serving Medicaid families ASAP!

✅ You're willing to roll up your sleeves and figure out how to do this thing without hiring a contractor or a biller to do this for you for $$$.

No, this is probably not for you if...

❌ You are hiring a biller to apply to all health plans for you

❌ You are familiar with insurance provider jargon and can figure this out pretty quickly

❌ You're not willing to learn new things to understand the insurance enrollment processing

❌ You're looking for someone to do the enrollment process for you.

What does the Road Map look like?

Enrolling as a Medicaid Doula provider is a long process so I made it an online course format so that you can do each step and then when it's been completed or approved, you pick up where you left off. It's a way to see and know all the steps that needs to happen from taking the doula training to being able to bill Medicaid insurance for doula services. Click on the button below to see a preview of how the course is organized.

Still on the fence?

I get it! You want to make sure this is actually helpful! Here from other people who have used my roadmap to get enrolled into Medicaid! Feel free to email me at hello@kristenschellbirth.com for any questions/concerns that you may have.


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What does the road map cost?

$29 $49

  • Access to the online mini-course 
  • How to Video on how to enroll in CHAMPS as a Doula
  • Guide on how to enroll into all the health plans