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Doulas and Disabilities Resources

One in six adults worldwide (World Health Organization) is currently disabled. Many more disabled people do not have a diagnosis, and many currently-abled people will become disabled at some point in their lives. The reality of disability affects doula work both in how disabled clients and disabled doulas navigate care and support. Yet despite how common disability is, there are few resources for doulas regarding disability. There are very few resources about the intersection of doulas and disabilities (except for the training from BADT - listed below). But we can start somewhere by educating yourselves about disabilities in general and the specific disability your client has. You can do research and then ask your disabled client what you need to know to best support them in order to meet them where they are. 

Additional Educational Opportunities

This class was presented at:

  • DONA Summit 2023
  • Doula Office Hours - February 13, 2024

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