Osvaldo reached out to me and said he and his fiancé, Jennifer, wanted a birth photographer for their first baby. I met with them via video call the next day and it went well. They booked with me and called into their birth the next day! So it’s (usually) not too late to book a birth photographer and/or doula. Their daughter, Valeria was born at 7 pounds 11 oz and 19.5 inches long!

Before they went to the hospital they stopped at a restaurant with a patio to enjoy the beautiful clear skies day with a BIG fat cheeseburger. When Jennifer was satisfied, they were ready to check into the hospital to be induced.

Jennifer’s contractions started once the pitocin was administered. Then she opted for the doctor to break her bag of water. By that time, she was 5 cm. 

“Initially my contractions felt like period cramps, then escalated to the worst pain I’ve ever experienced in my life. I attempted to breathe through the pain, as the nausea was nearly overwhelming” said Jennifer.

So we thought it was a good time for me to join them. I got in my car and drove to the hospital. 

During my drive over, she opted for an epidural and felt so relieved afterwards. She was able to take a little nap.


By the time I arrived, she was 8 cm and 0 station (aka engaged in pelvis). About less than an an hour later, Jennifer’s dilation was complete (10cm) and they waited to labor the baby down a bit before pushing.

In this picture below, Osvaldo looked into his fiancé’s eyes. It hit them that they were going to meet their baby soon! *cue all of the feels – PLUS excitement*

It was time to push. She pushed for about 45 minutes.

After the baby’s head was born, Osvaldo took over and caught their daughter and put her on Jennifer’s chest. She said “Holy shit! My baby!” She couldn’t believe their daughter is HERE! It felt so surreal and emotional for both of them. They both cried happy tears.

Jennifer enjoyed some skin-to-skin time with Valeria while Osvaldo looked over with pride and awe about what just happened. 

They are now parents of a beautiful girl, Valeria.

Welcome to the world, Valeria!

“We finally went through the photos and omg you did such an amazing job!! We’ve both been so sleep deprived lol. But the photos are so stunning and it was amazing to see all the events of the day! I was really opposed to the idea of birthing photography but I’m so so grateful Ozzie pushed for it. I’m even more grateful we were able to get you to capture these priceless moments! I remember bits and pieces of the day but I think you did such a fantastic job telling the story of Valeria’s birth.”

Jennifer K, Birth Photography Client
About the Author Kristen Schell

Kristen is a birth doula, photographer and childbirth educator. She wants to help families feel inspired by what birth can be. It can be beautiful, empowering, supported, and evidence based.

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