So you’re about to become a dad (possibly again). Congrats, dude! And points to you for being a supportive partner. And now she’s looking into birth photography, which is a hugely empowering thing for women. I know it was for me. I like to say, “I photograph women being badass warriors bringing forth life.”

My husband had a hard time understanding at first why I wanted a birth photographer at our birth, but when I explained it to him, he was 100% on-board. I asked him if he would mind writing a post from his perspective to Dads on why pregnant Mamas are interested in birth photography.


From a Dad to a Dad. Do it for her.

Hello there! I’m David, Kristen’s husband. I’m going to get to the point.

This is a huge project for her. Your wife (or fiance, or girlfriend, or romantic partner) is going to carry this kiddo for nine months, probably. You may not be as aware of it as she is because you’re not the one packing on the pounds in your midsection, unless you’ve started doing sympathetic eating. You’re not feeling this kid kick, losing your ability to bend over, or getting morning sickness. You’re not constantly carrying this kid around. She’s at it 24/7. You might only pay attention when she doesn’t fit in her old clothes, or when her boobs get bigger, or during sex. But trust me… being preggers isn’t a thing a woman forgets.

So she’s at this for nine whole months. Nine months of working and suffering and building toward this one day of contractions and pushing and labor until finally, there is a whole new person in the world.

For most births, not a lot of people can be in the room. Can you imagine working on a project for nine months and then when it finally comes out only one or two people you care about and a bunch of random strangers are watching? Or imagine when it happens you’re too stressed or tired to remember it?

Birth photography isn’t just about that one day. It’s about the (roughly) 273 days before that one day. It captures that moment your partner has been working toward for so long, with so much inconvenience, so she can remember what it was like, and so she can share it with her world.

image of my newborn baby on my chest shortly after birth. This picture was taken in a hospital setting.
Taken by Jessie Renee Photography

It’s not just about a baby being born. It’s about a momma being born, and a father being born. You two kids turn into parents. (Maybe again).

But will she be taking pictures of EVERYTHING? Even like… down there?

Birth photography can be as discreet or as intimate as the two of you want. At the pre-consultation appointment, my wife will meet with y’all and talk about what you’re both comfortable with. Want crowning pictures? Kristen can get those. Prefer more discreet over-the-shoulder shots of your kiddo arriving? She’s got you covered.

Birth photographers don’t post photos willy-nilly on their portfolio. She will ask if it’s okay to share some or all of the photos but she will not post photos without your consent. If you want the gallery to be private and not posted anywhere, she will honor that.

Birth photography is an incredible value. That one day your baby’s mom has been working toward for nine months deserves to be captured. Your kiddo, who will grow up so fast you won’t know what hit you, deserves to be photographed making an entrance. Your partner’s work deserves to be honored. If it’s not a fit for your budget right now, Kristen offers payment plans.

Birth photography tells your wife/partner that you honor the work she’s doing in bringing forth life. I can’t say this enough: Your partner always knows that she’s pregnant. She knows there’s a little life growing inside of her. She thinks about the day of your baby’s arrival constantly. She knows that day will be one of the most challenging and empowering and significant days of her life. And she wants someone there to bear witness to it and to memorialize this first day of the rest of your lives.

On your wedding day, you dressed up fancy and stood there and made a commitment to her. At your kiddo’s birth, you will be by her side comforting and massaging and helping her, and she will be working harder than she ever has before to bring this kid in the world.

If that doesn’t deserve memorialization with high-quality professional photography, I don’t know what does.


About the Author Kristen Schell

Kristen is a birth doula, photographer and childbirth educator. She wants to help families feel inspired by what birth can be. It can be beautiful, empowering, supported, and evidence based.

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